Jarl Kind

Jarl Kind (Haarlem, 1968) is a water economist with over 25 years’ experience in social cost-benefit analyses (CBAs) of water and water related projects. Jarl has a PhD in economics and is a regular guest lecturer at Dutch universities on ‘The Economics of Flood Risk Management’.

From 1995 till 2001, Jarl worked in Africa and Asia on natural resource management and drinking water supply projects. He conducted field surveys and wrote case study reports on drinking water supply in Viet Nam, co-authored the ADB Handbook on the Economic Analysis of Water Supply Projects, worked for two years in Pakistan on the NWFP Social Forestry Sector Project, and for 2 years in Ethiopia on the Tekeze River Basin Integrated Master Plan Development Project.

From 2001 till 2008, Jarl worked for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management on water and climate adaptation projects. He was involved in several CBAs of large projects and programs which included CBAs for nature based solutions, like Room for the River. In 2008, Jarl joined Deltares as senior water economist. In 2011 he finalized a social cost-benefit analysis to determine economically efficient flood protection standards for the entire Netherlands, a study for the Dutch Delta Program. This study was awarded the 2013 Franz Edelman Award for outstanding achievements in Operations Research.

In 2019 Jarl finished his PhD Drowning by Numbers – Social Welfare, Cost-Benefit Analysis and Flood Risk Management. In this PhD, Jarl has developed a novel assessment framework for CBAs which is rooted in social welfare economics, and which integrates social vulnerability and equity. This framework supports a holistic and inclusive approach to (flood) risk management, as it integrates technical and non-technical measures, including financial protection measures such as insurance, disaster relief and compensation.

In 2021, Jarl started his own company, De Waterwerkers.

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